Skating Resources!

Happy Monday everybody!
As we mentioned in our last blog, there are still skaters out there separated from our lovely sport of skating, and we want to help you continue pursuing your goals as an athlete. So this week, we are highlighting some Instagram pages that hold virtual events or are great avenues for skating education and enjoyment.

Resources for the socially connected quarantine skater:

  1. @americanicetheatre has many branches (including New York, Berlin, Dubai, the list goes on!) and is hosting monthly virtual yoga classes, their next opportunity being Sunday, November 22nd with a class on breath work. They will also be hosting their first Virtual Winter Seminar Saturday, December 5th.

  2. @skatersedge_ is putting on a virtual summit called “EmpowHERed” Sunday, November 28th with 3 seminars geared towards small business owners of the skating world, as well as highlighting show experiences of these skaters.

  3. @iceacademyofmontreal is showcasing #IAMLIVE events to promote their skaters’ hard work through debuting programs that would have been performed in competition.

  4. @cirquedusoleil has been entertaining us with sneak peeks of their spectaculous shows every Friday. If you miss their live viewings, they post each week’s video to their Youtube channel as well. Be sure to check out Crystal and Axel, which involve ice skating as their artistic medium of choice.

  5. @cbcbattle is posting snippets of their series “Battle of the Blades” to keep the skating world entertained, even outside of Canada!

  6. @balancedskaters is offering a plethora of online classes for off ice jump technique, mobility, and provides insights on prevention and treatment of common skating injuries and imbalances.

  7. @oniceperspectives has been posting videos from previous season’s big competition names, ranging from fun bloopers to breathtaking performances. Nothing like those up close and personal angles!

  8. @coachhamish has great tutorials on improving skating positions, as well as fun footwork exercises to get your brain and body connected in movement.

  9. @coachmichellehong also gives awesome tips for every skater, ranging from beginners to advanced levels. There’s always room for improvement, right?

  10. @brilliance_melrose for all the sparkles we can add to our lives on and off the ice. From jewels that can be worn on a casual basis, to athletic clothing designed with skaters in mind, there is certainly something for everyone this holiday season!

  11. @icetheatreoflondon also has been hosting virtual series and also posts fun throwback clips of old school skating moves. Their next class is a hip hop session with Rohene Ward this Tuesday, November 24th. Bust a move!

The internet and social media can be a beautiful thing when it comes to enhancing our learning landscapes. Be sure to follow these ones for inspiration and keep an eye out for other educational and entertaining accounts. Let’s keep each other accountable for reaching our full potentials, even under current circumstances.

Until next time, happy skating (on real ice or in our hearts <3)"