Ice: The Foundation

After a year living in a virtual world, we are all ready to connect and experience some realness. Why ice skating, will you say?! 

From a skater standpoint; Whether you are a professional skater of a beginner, the feeling of gliding will bring you freedom. The progress will reward you. The exercise will keep you fit. The accomplishment will brighten up your day.

From an entrepreneur standpoint; Public skating is the only form of live entertainment that is free. Actually, it's even better than free; Skaters need to pay to be on the ice! Tell us your needs, and we will make sure you make money on a project that will valorize the Triple Bottom Line and the passion.

Natural Ice, Natural Pleasure

Obviously, I do not have what it takes to install the pipes myself. However, here's what we can do for you:

  • Find the perfect contractor for your project and manage every single detail of the process. We work with over ten ice makers and we have a steep understanding of the price in relation to the product delivered.
  • Build a schedule that will ensure success and profitability for your organization.
  • Organize skater rental and maintenance.
  • Bring merchandise and increase tremendously the rate of items per purchase. 

Conclusion: More money, less stress. Isn't that great?

A Synthetic Story

We understand the cost of bringing of natural ice rink does not fit into anyone's budget. However, synthetic ice fits in your budget without a doubt. Moreover, the simplicity of synthetic ice fits into your schedule!

  • Install: Simple comme bonjour! Panels weight less than 8 pounds and I can cover a 30'x30' surface in 20 minutes while wearing a Versace dress and a lovely pair of high heels. Click here to see the material.
  • Scheduling: Once the ice is there, let us work our magic. We have everything we need to promote the beauty of skating, the public skating sessions, and the merchandise that goes with it.

Our goal?

Create a complete experience that will commercialize the beauty of ice skating. Skating should be accessible to everyone, and everyone should be able to enjoy the wonders of gliding. There are ways to turn this dream into sustainable profitability, and this is why we exist. More profit, more skating, and more opportunities to give back to our wonderful community. 

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With love,