Challenge Yourself... Differently

No need to say- Brilliance & Melrose is one of the very many small businesses who’s facing the economic challenge that comes with COVID-19. 
As a new entrepreneur, the last few months have been incredibly intense and I am so very grateful for all the opportunities that came my way. Being realistic,  a lot of my hard work will be fading out while we are beating up that beast, but you know what? That’s okay.
Crying over it won’t help anything. Using that precious time to work on my weakness will.
Man, I have a lot to learn. I am a fashion designer & a professional figure skater. I founded a company 2 years ago, it became a corporation a year ago, and now that thing runs in 7 countries, 4 currencies. So yea, lots to learn.
Day trading is the coolest thing in the World, but I never had enough time to truly understand it. Now’s the time!
Creating content and connecting with people through social media is super fun, but also time consuming. The current situation will allow small businesses to grow their audience naturally which will be extremely valuable when the economy kicks back in. Isn’t it fun?
Strong body, strong mind. Disconnecting ourselves from most of our normal activities is a wide open door to reconnecting ourselves to our body, I think. Working out has been part of my daily routine for several years because of my career, but stretching & meditation haven’t. So… now is a good time to bring the challenge up a notch!
The internet is full of good and inspiring ideas from a personal to a professional standpoint. For me, learning to cook, building mood boards for the next BM collections & home decor ideas are the 3 top topics of quarantine. Any other ideas?
Let’s pray for that virus to disappear, let’s pray for peace in the World, and in the meantime, let’s work on our weaknesses. 
PS: We will maintain the free shipping offer for as long as the virus will be… alive. Promo code :  WORLDWIDE. Perfect gift to offer + Small business support : Win win win!