The Story

Brilliance & Melrose, it’s the love of skating.

Concretely, our mission is to commercialize the beauty of ice skating through products and productions.

  • Our products are available in more than 100 stores over 10 countries.
  • Our ice show ideas are growing and brewing.
  • So is our online presence!

Where it all Began...

Hi! My name is Marie, and I am the owner of Brilliance & Melrose. I truly, deeply, genuinely love ice skating. With a sprinkle of talent, a dash of passion, and lots of hard work, I managed to perform all over the world for over a decade. In parallel, I graduated from fashion school in 2010 and work full-time as a fashion designer since. For the longest time, my skating career and my fashion career had nothing to do with one another.  

In 2017, while skating in a theme park in Germany, I created the business plan of my dreams: A brand inspired from the golden age of professional ice skating that offers elegant, yet affordable products. The following year, while skating in Asia, I found business partners that allowed me to put my vision into products.

In November 2018, I returned to Canada with a strong set of business ideas combining ice shows and merchandise, and just like that, my entrepreneurial journey began. I drove more than 55 000 km to meet all the skate shop owners in North America and I flew 15 times to build European connections. By February 2020, the wholesale channel was solid and incredible projects were in motion.

And then, in the heat of the growth, the pandemic happened. Our sales went from a monthly average of 1000 units/month to 25. With Brilliance & Melrose being so close to my heart, not only was my wallet crushed, but my soul, my passion, and my life mission were destroyed as well.

Thankfully, the cold chapter brought its share of good news. First, I completed an MBA to solidify my business skills. Second, I strengthen my ability to deal with negative outcomes. Third, I am sure now more than ever that nothing will stop me from sharing my passion.

Ice skating is a beautiful form of art, sport, entertainment, and I truly hope my work allows you to see all its wonders.

With love,