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2023- The Key Trends in Figure Skating... According to ChatGPT

I decided to play with ChatGPT, and I must say the machine knows our sport pretty well. Check for yourself ⬇️   5 biggest trends in figure skating Quadruple jumps: The ability to perform quadruple jumps has become increasingly important in figure skating. Skaters who can execute these difficult jumps have a significant advantage over their competitors, as they are awarded more points for successfully completing them. Increased focus on artistry: In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on the artistic side of figure skating. Skaters are expected to not only execute difficult jumps and spins but also demonstrate grace, musicality, and emotional expression. Rise of ice dance: Ice dance has become increasingly popular in figure skating. The discipline emphasizes...

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Let's Connect!

Join me for a fun chat about goals and challenges, on and off the ice!  When? Wednesday, February 3rd, 11am MT Where? Zoom. Here is the link where the meeting will take place. Bonus: A special promo will be offered to all the participants.  Register now by sending me an email at maripier@brilliance-melrose.com :) Cheers, Marie

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Skating Resources!

Happy Monday everybody! As we mentioned in our last blog, there are still skaters out there separated from our lovely sport of skating, and we want to help you continue pursuing your goals as an athlete. So this week, we are highlighting some Instagram pages that hold virtual events or are great avenues for skating education and enjoyment. Resources for the socially connected quarantine skater: @americanicetheatre has many branches (including New York, Berlin, Dubai, the list goes on!) and is hosting monthly virtual yoga classes, their next opportunity being Sunday, November 22nd with a class on breath work. They will also be hosting their first Virtual Winter Seminar Saturday, December 5th. @skatersedge_ is putting on a virtual summit called “EmpowHERed”...

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To Glide Again

Here at Brilliance & Melrose, it’s no doubt we are all about the passion, artistry, and enticement of figure skating. Ever since March, we have all been tested in many aspects of our lives, especially since the sport we love has been put on pause. In some states and countries, not just once, but twice ice facilities have been shut down until further notice. With the pandemic still in effects, we have to make the best of whatever situation is thrown our way. Thankfully, there are so many resources out there for us to carry out our artwork. We can focus on getting more flexible, jumping higher, taking new forms of dance classes, the options could go on in the...

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New Arrivals : CLOTHES

As a designer, I always dreamed of having my own clothing collection, but hey! The sportswear industry is a scary market to jump into. A few weeks ago, I sew a jewel on one of my tops and suddenly, my ideas came together. The style of Brilliance & Melrose is unique, and the idea of creating jewelry designs on clothes is unique too. As soon as I figured it out, I started to sketch. Next thing you know, the production was in motion and the collection was coming together. Little detail : I am a trained fashion designer and I have over 10 years of experience product development. Useful stuff. THE FABRICS The. Most. Important. Part.  The fabrics I picked...

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