Handmade with Love in Malaysia

The story of Brilliance & Melrose began in Malaysia as I was exploring the country as a tourist. There, I met Ann and together, we started to create handmade jewelry designed for the love of skating. Soon enough, Brilliance & Melrose grew, so did Ann’s company. The partnership allows Brilliance & Melrose to produce affordable ethically made jewelry and it allows Ann to empower women by offering them jobs in the beautiful country of Malaysia. 


The success of the jewels inspired us to do other things. Today, in addition to the jewelry collection, we source clothes and accessories from all over the world. Since everything we do has jewels on it, the production typically follow these milestones:

1. Creation of the assortment with sketches and photos.

2. Outsourcing of the raw materials.

3. Beginning of the handmade assembly process in Malaysia.

4. Shipping from Malaysia to our distribution facilities.