The 3 Sourcing Tiers of Melrose

Established since November 2018, the company is now in the second phase of its development: Growth. Multiple factors must be encountered to successfully develop a brand that vehicle a powerful message while respecting the society and its environment. Therefore, the brand now has three different production methods aiming to meet economic, ecologic, and ethic success.

Brilliance Handmade with Love

The story of Brilliance & Melrose began in Malaysia as I was exploring the country as a tourist. There, I met Ann and together, we started to create handmade jewelry designed for the love of skating. Soon enough, Brilliance & Melrose grew, so did Ann’s company. The partnership allows Brilliance to produce affordable ethically made jewelry and it allows Ann to empower women by offering them jobs in the beautiful country of Malaysia. 

Brilliance Signature

It is everyone’s responsibility to consume better, shop better, live better. As a designer who has the future of our children at heart, I am thrilled to work with one of the very best Peruvian factories to offer you sustainable, eco-friendly products. Ethically collected cotton, organic cotton, and alpaca wools are the fibers that represent the foundation of Brilliance Signature. The luxurious textures created by these fibers gives an incomparable edge to the products developed which is why the designs are so special. Moreover, the breathability of the materials will keep you warm like never before, both on and off the ice. 

Brilliance Performance

Although organic cotton and luxurious textures are incredible products to own and keep forever, I understand the financial reality of certain customers and I want to make sure everybody can get a taste of skating love. Brilliance & Melrose is for everyone. This is why we recently launched Brilliance Performance in collaboration with an ethical chinese manufacturer and Ann, our Malaysian wonder. Here’s how it works: The core of the goodies are produced in China and sent to Ann. Then, she makes sure the quality is up our alley and adds jewelry charms on the items because we love jewels oh so much. Finally, the goods are shipped to the head quarter of the company in Canada!

Whether you prefer Brilliance Handmade w/ Love, Brilliance Signature, or Brilliance Performance, your support means the world to me. Every purchase you make on this platform is an opportunity for the company to elevate its standards, enhance its velocity, and sprinkle the beauty of ice skating everywhere. As a brand in constant evolution, these categories will bloom over time and your support today will allow us to strengthen the foundation of the company. As a result, multiple social actions will be deployed and beautiful things will happen. 

Comments, ideas, questions, suggestions? Let’s chat! You can always reach me at mariepier@brilliance-melrose.com or on my phone @ 1-715-348-6719. 

Kindest regards,