...all about passion

Little sparkle in your jewelry box. Artistic explosion in your event. You pick.
I always really, truly, deeply, loved skating. I was never the best at it. I will never be the best at it. The good news is... You can still go pretty far with hard work and faith. Passion is everything. 

Figure skating is so much more than a competition. It’s a form of art. It’s a performance. It’s a lifestyle.

You’re allowed to love it. I’m allowed to love it. We’re all allowed to love it.

I founded Brilliance & Melrose because I know how powerful figure skating can be.
Anyone can put a pair of skates on and feel the love. Anyone can watch a show and appreciate the art. 

Together, let’s bring the sport to another level.
Share the love. Share the art. Share the passion.

Made with Love in Malaysia

All our jewels are made in Malaysia by our friend Annie and her amazing team.

Based in Penang, Annie is the owner of 2 shops full of beads and cute little things. She will be opening a coffee shop next to one of the shops in a very near future as well.

We are extremely lucky to work with such a talented designer and business woman. Her vision is very helpful in the development of our products and her entrepreneurship is super inspiring.

Everything is possible, really really,
Marie xx