The Brilliant Seminar

 I always loved and will forever love to skate. After skating professionally of over a decade, I launched my own brand, Brilliance & Melrose, with the intention of bringing my love of skating to another level.
Hard work, passion, and determination allowed me to achieve my goals and I hope my path with inspire others to follow their dreams.

Get Ready For…

Off Ice Session (One Hour)

  • Quick introduction
  • Short motivational speech
  • Warm up
  • Learning of a step sequence to music

On Ice Session (Two Hours)

  • Edge class
  • Combination of jumps & edges
  • Short clinic on spin creativity
  • Learning of an edge choreography
  • Combination of the on ice and off ice learning
  • Dance off
Ayr, Scotland

Also note…

  • Skaters of all levels can participate. Advance skaters on one side, other skaters on the other. One song, two step sequences, and one real good dance off!
  • Get a complementary jewel with your registration.
  • Take some exercises home and keep practicing.
  • Join the Brilliance & Melrose community and enjoy the best side of ice skating.

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    Vancouver, Canada