New Arrivals : CLOTHES

As a designer, I always dreamed of having my own clothing collection, but hey! The sportswear industry is a scary market to jump into.

A few weeks ago, I sew a jewel on one of my tops and suddenly, my ideas came together.

The style of Brilliance & Melrose is unique, and the idea of creating jewelry designs on clothes is unique too.

As soon as I figured it out, I started to sketch. Next thing you know, the production was in motion and the collection was coming together.

Little detail : I am a trained fashion designer and I have over 10 years of experience product development. Useful stuff.


The. Most. Important. Part. 

The fabrics I picked combine strength, flexibility, and breath-ability. Their constructions are designed to survive jumps, falls, and several washes.

Incomparable quality / price ratio.


The secret touch of Brilliance & Melrose. Please note that the most delicate jewelry pieces are easy to remove for washing, ensuring durability & longevity.